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Yes some do you quite often, you'll find them on their site, or when you call and inquire about a puppy they mention oh by the way we have and older dog for sale as well. Sometimes the fee is minimal as they put it range I've heard is $500.00 and up. It seems the ones they only wanted for the bloodlines they sell when they have gotten their money back +++ and or genes to carry on in their mix of blood, or there done using them because there to old to breed or the good ones feel only a few litters is fair or the one that doesn't work well within the group, or the pup they kept didn't turn out or has not passed one of the health tests. The one that doesn't grab their heart is always gone to make room for more blood lines or younger dogs to produce more, to better the breed they say. I have not seen one in rescue directly from breeder but I have seen one after they sold it to someone else. along time ago.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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