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I would do the same.

I have a soft heart. I sold my horse that I had trained and found out that I was pregnant.So I sold him. When the lady that bought him came to look at him she told me that she would buy him I started to cry and she told me that I could keep him.He has a wonderful home. I still go over and see him. I just don't understand some breeders.
brumwolf said:
All of the breeders that i know here if they keep a dog out of a litter then it is for life.In fact Tia's breeder would never let one go if she could,on the day we went to collect Tia she cried when every pup left to go to their new homes,even when we left she cried and she knew she would see Tia every couple of weeks at a show or rally.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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