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Crud, I lost Jordan's rabies cert. and tag.

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I feel so bad, I'll have to call the vet and get another one I guess. I know he gave it to me when we met to trade off stool samples, meds and rabies certificate/tags but obviously I didn't put it right into his folder. Is there any other way to get a replacement or is the vet the best way to go?
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Your Vet should be able to square you away without any problems.

A couple years ago I needed proof of rabies vaccination for Mavis. My Vet just looked it up and ran me off another copy, free of charge.
LOL, and just when I thought I was done with him for a while.
Hey hd, how about some recent pics of your boy. Include good one of tail please.:) :) :)
These are the most recent taken yesterday after he did NOT get into the trash while mom was on the computer. I believe him, he looks so innocent.

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:devil_2: :devil_2: Of course he didn't - I'm glad you believe him.
He is just too cute - that face! I'd believe him too! :)
AWWW he is too cute!!

Don't feel bad, I thought I lost Bella's tag along with her vac. book shortly after getting her rabies shot back in oct. I had to call the vet and get a print out showing proof of vaccination for ob class in jan. I was so embarrassed, I felt like a horrible mommy, but my vet was really cool about it. I actually just found it like 2wks ago, apparently I put it in my dresser drawer and somehow it had fallen underneath:confused2
I bet it will show up when you least expect it!!!
That's the most innocent face I've seen in a while. Can't imagine him ever getting into the nasty tasting garbage, so full of vile stuff.
He really is sprouting like a huge weed.
He sure looks good for a sickly rescue.:) :) :)
AWWW! I want to give him a hug and a kiss!!!! :) cute!
You probably put it in a "safe place." If I put something in a safe place, it's a guarantee that I will never find it again.
Thanks guys. Don't let that face fool you. It gets me every time. He's doing wonderfully now. He's gained 15 lbs as of today for a total weight of a whopping 40 lbs so I think he is just about up to where his weight "should" be. The vet is very pleased with him and the family couldn't be more happy.

Oh, and the rabies info is probably in the same place as my daughters school pictures. No where to be found.
The vet gave my mom the papers and a whole new tag yesterday so all is well. Besides the point that I've realized I've known my vet for way too long when HE starts lecturing me about keeping up with stuff. Grrrrr. Easy for him to say, his kids are in college and mine are still not all in elementary school.
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