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Hi everyone,

There are two days until this big guy's stray hold is up, but I don't think anyone is gonna come looking. Regardless, networking FAST is key in Miami (Miami dade animal services) because they're known to be a slaughterhouse, ughhh..... as soon as that stray hold is up... they can and will put down perfectly adoptable dogs. This boy is limping and has a bandaged leg, according to people who have seen him firsthand. That makes him first in line.

Several people have met this guy and he's limping, but very friendly. Jumps up on the kennel to be pet- not shy or sharp.

Miami-Dade County - Animal Services - Animal Services main website pet:MIAD.A1432626 the dog

Apparently Fort Lauderdale Doberman Rescue said they can take them into their group if they can get someone to foster him... so there would be rescue suport.

Please share him far and wide (or adopt him!!!) let's spring this guy!

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