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Crazy bathroom routine

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Lacy is about 9-10 months old, and we adopted her about a week ago. She is "house broken", had one accident in the house the first day, but has been fine since then with waiting to go outside.

The problem is, when she needs to do number 2, she goes absolutely bonkers, and starts running around the house, running into things, spinning around in circles, tripping over herself etc. Immediately before going on this rampage she doesn't give much warning, most of the time she is just relaxing on the floor chewing on a rawhide bone or something. She does not exhibit this behavior for pee, only number 2.

My wife isn't able to handle her well when this happens, and we need to find some way to train her into a more civil way of letting us know she needs to go out.

Any suggestions?

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Has she had a vet check? That's pretty unusual behavior and I'd be wanting to make sure it's not a medical issue.
I have a bell that hangs on the door knob so when shilow wants out she flips it with here nose. Beware though she does it now also to see if theres cat food on the porch or to see how many times she can make you let her out.
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