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I think it is a good idea to crate him for those reasons and considerate to him and the new kids.

He is still young IMO and no way is he too old to learn crate training.
When I say, "kennel up!" mine run into their crates at top speed. LOL. I am big on using yummy treats as a reward.
To get them used to going in I say, kennel up, then throw some yummy food in the back of the crate. Sometimes I shut the door for a moment, sometimes leave it open, and slowly train and build on that, leaving it shut for more time and mixing up what I do.
I also leave lots of safe toys in there, and filled Kongs too. Sometimes they go in their crate while I am home and can't watch them as closely as I would like, but they can still see us. Mostly that is only with puppies though, my male hardly ever uses a crate anymore except for at shows, but he still loves to "kennel up" when asked.

And don't give in to his protests (cries or barks) b/c you are not hurting him and things are just fine. He will come around quickly enough. He might not even protest at all, every dog is different. Most do like their crates and even choose them to take naps in on their own. And they are safe and teach him not to tear up your stuff while you are gone.

Everyone has different spin on crate training I think and the past talks about it on this forum would be good to take a look at, good luck!! And let us know how it goes.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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