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He's not to old, no dog is ever to old. They have to learn your lifestyle. If it means that your kids friends can come over without any hesitation untill some of the parents adjust there mind set about a doberman why not. You certainly don't want your kids to lose out on friends because of these kids parents. I know they love the dog but deep down they might resent Bruno on occasion because friends parents not letting their kids there because of him. As far as the house goes your young man needs to have his wings clipped lol, seriously couches are expensive and the springs hurt your butt. It might help with that as well. When ever my dogs were pups and untill I could trust them in the house they were supervised in the kennel when I went out etc. (safe) I take turns now that my dog is older and totally house trained some days I put our dog in the kennel when I go out, sometimes when I'm home, and some nights I do, I never use the same pattern so It never seems like a punishment, a nice treat a kiss and a blankie, like the kids night night. The one thing honestly that is most important in this blathering of mine is don't give in to the whining let him stay untill he stops, for a piece of time. Because he is smart and will play on you just like kids do. If you give in once you are done for he will whine even harder next time because it worked and he will have you wrapped around his pointed ears. lol Seriously, good luck.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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