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Crate Training?

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Not sure if this would be crate training or not. But Bruno is just over 1yr and has never really been in a crate. We do not own one. So the only time he was ever in one, was when he was a puppy and we went to my sister's. So, I was wondering if he's too "old" to do the crate training thing?

All I really want to get a crate for, is when we have company. More so my children having friends over. Since Bruno is a known "scary" breed. I know parents would feel safer if he was crated before they allowed their children to come here (as I would the same if my children went to a home with a large breed dog that they did not know). Also I was thinking for when we leave. He has chewed my couch up pretty good. I don't know if it's anxiety or what. Because he's almost ALWAYS with us. Rarely does he stay home. But my lord does he let us know he's not happy when he's left alone. I mean not all the time. For the most part we can come home to a clean house. But sometimes, YIKES!.

So I'm basically wondering if it's too late to get him use to a crate? And is it okay to use the crate for these two reasons? I don't want him to think it's punishment by any means. I also want to know if the crate should be in a room where he can see the company? So he doesn't get as stressed.

Any ideas, or advice are welcome :)
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Oops, I meant where he CAN'T see the company ;)
I don't think that they are ever too old to learn about the crate. You can use it how you want to. If he is destroying the house, then it is a good idea. It might take longer for him to get used to it. The location depends on you and your dog. If he is nervous or too anxious with company around and him crated, I would have him in a seperate room. Some dogs want that sight and they are fine. If mine were crated with company around, they would go ballistic trying to get out to play with them if they could see them. But I rarely have company, and they are rarely crated when company is over.
He's not to old to crate train. If he is destructive it will be a good thing for when you are gone.

As far as for when the kids come over, the parents of the neighbor hood kids here came over to meet Cole and Peaches. If Bruno isn't nervous around the kids, I would invite the parents over to meet him to ease their fears.
I would still invite the parents over to meet Bruno no matter what. But the problem is, MOST of the parents around here do not like Bruno (or rather his breed). They always make comments. So I think to ease their fears, I'd be putting him in the crate. Bruno loves company, but only when he gets to know them. He doesn't like strangers coming to the house. He's fine when our family comes over (or close friends). So I wouldn't crate him then. Only when kids or my father inlaw came over (he's deathly afraid of Bruno, lol. He said one day Bruno gave him that "eye" like he was gonna eat him----Oooookay! lol So he won't come over till we have a crate).

I think for Bruno's sake, putting him in a seperate room might be better. Because I think he too would get excited and want to come out and play if he saw ppl here. I think if he was alone, than he'd sleep and get comfy. It would be more relaxing.

Thanks for the advice ;) Hopefully we will get a crate soon. We'll see how it goes ;)
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I dont think he is to old to crate train either. They crate train rescues all the time at various ages, so why not! :D

I know what you mean about people "not liking the breed" or not wanting to come over or let their children come over. My BF's parents were that way, they didnt want to be in the house with a "big mean doberman". My feelings about it were.........I can tell you where the nearest hotel is. My dogs were here first and anyone who doesnt want to be around them will never be forced through the front door.
BIB, I believe the SAME thing. Reason we didn't have thanksgiving dinner this pass weekend with my father inlaw ;) Don't like Bruno, dont' come to my house. The only thing I DO respect. Is children. I would never tell a child they couldn't come over unless they accepted Bruno. And I could never do that to another parent, knowing how it feels to have children and not wanting them around dogs of any breed I did not know well enough, ya know?

I will NEVER crate Bruno for anyone else. Just my Father inlaw and Children. We've lived in this new house for 3 months now and my father inlaw has been here ONCE and that's while Bruno wasn't here lol. Oh, and he only lives a 5 min walk away lol. Anyone else that comes over tho, Bruno is use to them and could care less if they were here :)
He isnt to old to Crate train after some time He'll get the hang of it it become his favorite place.
He's not to old, no dog is ever to old. They have to learn your lifestyle. If it means that your kids friends can come over without any hesitation untill some of the parents adjust there mind set about a doberman why not. You certainly don't want your kids to lose out on friends because of these kids parents. I know they love the dog but deep down they might resent Bruno on occasion because friends parents not letting their kids there because of him. As far as the house goes your young man needs to have his wings clipped lol, seriously couches are expensive and the springs hurt your butt. It might help with that as well. When ever my dogs were pups and untill I could trust them in the house they were supervised in the kennel when I went out etc. (safe) I take turns now that my dog is older and totally house trained some days I put our dog in the kennel when I go out, sometimes when I'm home, and some nights I do, I never use the same pattern so It never seems like a punishment, a nice treat a kiss and a blankie, like the kids night night. The one thing honestly that is most important in this blathering of mine is don't give in to the whining let him stay untill he stops, for a piece of time. Because he is smart and will play on you just like kids do. If you give in once you are done for he will whine even harder next time because it worked and he will have you wrapped around his pointed ears. lol Seriously, good luck.
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I think it is a good idea to crate him for those reasons and considerate to him and the new kids.

He is still young IMO and no way is he too old to learn crate training.
When I say, "kennel up!" mine run into their crates at top speed. LOL. I am big on using yummy treats as a reward.
To get them used to going in I say, kennel up, then throw some yummy food in the back of the crate. Sometimes I shut the door for a moment, sometimes leave it open, and slowly train and build on that, leaving it shut for more time and mixing up what I do.
I also leave lots of safe toys in there, and filled Kongs too. Sometimes they go in their crate while I am home and can't watch them as closely as I would like, but they can still see us. Mostly that is only with puppies though, my male hardly ever uses a crate anymore except for at shows, but he still loves to "kennel up" when asked.

And don't give in to his protests (cries or barks) b/c you are not hurting him and things are just fine. He will come around quickly enough. He might not even protest at all, every dog is different. Most do like their crates and even choose them to take naps in on their own. And they are safe and teach him not to tear up your stuff while you are gone.

Everyone has different spin on crate training I think and the past talks about it on this forum would be good to take a look at, good luck!! And let us know how it goes.
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I totally agree with everything D&D posted above build it up slow and i'm sure Bruno will be as cool as ever.
Even if you just start by setting the crate up in the room where the family spends most of the time and furnish it with all of Bruno's joy's in life, HE will probably start laying in it on his own. Make it a fun thing for him...Bruno's fort...
Luv_my_Bruno said:
...or my father inlaw came over.... He said one day Bruno gave him that "eye" like he was gonna eat him
Hmmm...there's a great idea...can I use this excuse for all in-laws?
Looking at the pic of Bruno flaked out on the bed, not sure I'd want to settle for a crate if I were him! Java has just done the same thing: hubby is out of town, so I've cheated and brought her to our room. Was sitting on my side of the bed reading, happened to get up and she has quickly claimed the warm spot. And here I thought she was asleep!!

Kidding aside, crating is the best thing we ever could have done. Java settles into her crate when she wants some serious peace and quiet and when we are visiting friends and family in Canada, it's her familiar spot in unfamiliar surroundings. Plus, as you stated, it makes parents of small children who are cautious around any large breed feel more comfortable. Seeing Java laying quietly in her crate, paws crossed...well, she hardly looks like a 'killer'....
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ha ha yeah Brunster is pretty spoiled ;) He sleeps in our bed every night (some nights he will sleep on his bed beside our bed, but not often lol). I don't mind him in our bed, keeps me extra warm ;) Plus I love when he snuggles lol.

But thanks so much for all the great advice. I feel confident that it will work great now. I don't think Bruno will have too much trouble getting use to it. I may just leave the crate in the living room like someone said above and let him go in as he pleases to sleep. I think that's a great idea. Because I also don't want him to think he's being punished when kids are around.

I'll keep ya'll posted on it ;)
There is something about human nature and an aversion to putting dogs in crates. I had pangs of guilt at first, even though I read how dogs see the crate as their "den" etc. etc. However, what sealed the deal for me was the first day I was sitting at one of our computers and Harley walked right into his family room crate on his own and rested. I couldn't believe my eyes.

In our obedience class, we're working on the "go to your place and lie down" command where we use a dog bed or a blanket (basically something that is portable and can be carried around). I put the blanket on the floor and kept leading him to it with the "go to your place and lie down" command and he wanted nothing more than to go into his crate instead of the blanket. I actually had to lock the crate door shut so he would give up trying!

He still whines in there from time to time, but then again, he whines when I put him in a down-stay. In fact, he's whining right now as I type this because I won't let him chew on electrical cords or rifle through the trash. Basically, he whines whenever I tell him to do something he doesn't want to do. He's a stubborn fella, but I am even more so, and I've told him that's why God matched him with me. And I feel so blessed!
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