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As I said goodnight to my Apollo last night, and watched him snuggle down into his fluffy Dobie-sized doggie bed that I made just for him, I started wondering how many other people have hand-crafted special things for their pups.
(I tried to make a sweater once, but admitted defeat soon after starting the project, lol!)
Have you ever made something for your pooch? Did they like it?
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I've made Mensa a few collars, all her leashes, and a couple toys.

(click photos to make them bigger)

My Mom made Mavis a couple sweaters, Mensa wears them now.
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my mom made Tucker a jacket.. a hand quilted jacket double lined so he wouldn't get cold.
my dog is spoiled
I have looked on the internet for dog sweater patterns, but since I found a Fido Fleece on sale in Alexandria, gave up on the idea. Other than baking Java treats, I haven't tried to make her anything.
I usually just go to the local thrift shop and buy boys xl sweatshirts for Rudi. You wear around the house. My mom will adjust the waist so it fits more snug so he won't pee on it, due to his "man parts." (lol)
We are going to go to the fabric store this weekend and pick out a few rugged fabrics to make a few dog coats for him and pattern them after the one he is wearing in my sig. It seems to fit him best.......and he likes it, especially when he wears a bandana underneath and it looks like an ascot. (or is it me who likes him dressed like that?........whatever!)
I can sew a little and do needlepoint and cross stitch as well as make jewelery, etc.......but my mom is the Master sewer and quilter!
I make bandana's for every occasion. Holidays are a must. They each have matching ones and various misc. ones. I love bandana's. I suppose I made their curtains especially for them also. When I made all of the curtains in my house, the curtains in their room have dogs all over them just for them. Oh, I can also get pretty crafty when I keep sewing together their stuffies.:D
I luv to knit. I plan to knit Cole a sweater for next winter. I hope to put some cables on it. Am looking for something in red.
I wish I could make stuff like that....but I am the most non-crafty person EVER.
Crafty and creative are two words not associated with me. My cousin recently taught me how to crochet, but that is a work in progress.
The trick will be to get him to wear it once it is done.
I have made the cool collars for my dogs. I made Rommel a "hat" to wear after his ears were re-cropped. Uhm... I made them wooden signs that hang above their crates in the room with their names on them :D
LOL, we all spoil our dogs, don't we? But they're worth it.
Plus they let us take silly pictures of them and laugh with our friends about how goofy they are, and they don't even care! :)
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