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MrDesi said:
Is your dog used to jumping up on you and others without permission? If so, that might the problem. What I have learned is that Princi can jump up on me or others when she has permission to do so ONLY, ie...playing or jumping up for treats/tricks. This way she has learned that she is also not allowed to jump up on tables or counter tops even though there might be some very enticing treats up there. I just don't like using the "scaring" method to teach my dog anything.

Good Luck
I agree, I am lucky with Lex, she won't surf a counter and will not jump up. But my other two ding-a-lings will given the opportunity. I just make a point not to ever leave anything out and obviously discourage the behavior anytime I see it. I prefer that to other avenues.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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