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I am a newbie at this site, but your anguish touched me. I lost Sadie 2 years ago in June 2004 to osteosaracoma. She was diagnosed Oct.2003. Limb sparing was tried with amputation done in June 2004. It is still hard to talk about. I brought her home--she was so happy, but developed bloat the following morning. Surgery was tried--she lasted 8 hours,,than died.
Anyway it took me 2 years to build up the courage to get another doberman ,who we absolutely adore.
I am rambling but, I had to think in advance also, as I knew one day she would die. Keep these thoughts--Better to have known and loved them than not. Also, when you are sad think how your dog thinks. They live in the now. Sadie was always happy even when I looked at her and wondered how long she had. Maybe we should all live in the now. Everyday is a gift.
As far as transporting your dog, call your vet, groomers,kennels (they sometimes offer pick up service and may have a vehicle that could take your baby) or they probably know of someone who will help you. Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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