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Oreokitty. you will deal with Kohl's passing in just the way you need to. You'll be OK.

Cody died on Jan 1 of this year at 3 and a half. he got very sick at the kennel while we were in Calgary with family for christmas. they brought him to the vet who kept him alive till we got home. he was doing better. eating more, being more active.

we didn't go out new years becasue we all wanted to be with him. the night he died, he was down watching tv with me and the kids and went up stairs (hubby was in the family room)as soon as he got to the top of the stairs he collapsed. Jason is an EMT and tried to resuscitate him. Cody was in my arms when he finally died.

I couldn't stop crying, and holding him close in my lap - he was as velcro as they come and I just couldn't let him go. Everybody was crying. Jason and I were not able to have kids together and he was our 'baby'. I couldn't let him go. I must have held him crying for more than an hour before jason and the kids peeled me off.

Jason got a journal and took a paw print of Cody before he was cremated. I write in the journal to Cody. He was so didferent than Pollo and Molly. he was one of those talking dobes. he would mouth off hen ever he did something he didn't want to. he would talk when he was happy, so I felt like I was really having conversations with him. I still cry, I'm crying right now. every once in a while something just hits me.

these dogs are so much more than dogs - they are more like kids - that's why we get so attached. they have so much personailty, they are mischievious, caring, goofy, gentle, understanding, bitchy, in short, everything that we are - except they love us all the time.

it will be hard losing Kohl, Oreokitty. no doubt about it. but everyday you get used to the emptyness that he used to fill. you don't get used to him not being there, but you learn to deal with the hole. even with both Molly and Pollo - and believe me Molly keeps us busy - there is still a hole where Cody should be.

Even tho Kohl will be gone, you were blessed with the time that you had together. Imagine if you never had him. think what he taught you, all the time he made you smile and laugh so hard you almost wet your pant. All those times you looked at that sweet innocent little face and said, how the heck did you do.............

Just know that we are all here for you, and many of us, sadly, have been thru this with our dear dober kids.

hang tough
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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