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Kohl isn't gone yet.. But.. How did you guys cope with the loss of your puppies? Kohl isn't even gone yet and I feel like I am mouning for him...
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You cope the best you can. I don't know what else to say. There certainly is no magic or even ordinary way to get through it. You just do.
I just try to remember all of the good and happy times we spent together and not dwell on the sad things.
I cried....I allowed myself to mourn all I wanted. looked at pictures...I made a scrapbook page dedicated to dice...I even put a small pinch of her hair in a zip lock to put in the page. we stayed with her when we put her to sleep and we have her ashes... I made a christmas ornament to hang on the tree since it was about this time that it happend. Im really into art...Im suprised I didnt draw or paint her. but art is a great therapy....that might be why i made all those other craft things.
but everyone mourns differently...
I have had the last couple animals cremated and then have scattered their ashes in various places. Places where we would always go and have fun. That helped me, also looking at pictures.
With my second dobe Max we stayed up all night with him kissing and hugging him and crying of course,we knew what was going to happen next day but the big guy couldn't take a step without his legs giving under him,I couldn't even stay with him at the end I had to run out of the vets,a decision I still regret to this day,my wife stayed with him thank God ,because he was his moms little boy.When the time comes you have to let go, cope isn't a word I relate to that time I would say we had to bear it,we have our pictures and videos and remember all the fun he gave us in his 9 and a half years with us.
After Lindsey died, I take all her pictures, and take the nicest one out of, I made a book of her life from beginning till the end, while I am doing that, it looks like she took me again thru her life, show all the wonderful moments we had together, and that really helps me to cope with it.

Always try to remember the wonderful times you have, they give you real love and friendship in life, something what is so exeptional these days!
I am a newbie at this site, but your anguish touched me. I lost Sadie 2 years ago in June 2004 to osteosaracoma. She was diagnosed Oct.2003. Limb sparing was tried with amputation done in June 2004. It is still hard to talk about. I brought her home--she was so happy, but developed bloat the following morning. Surgery was tried--she lasted 8 hours,,than died.
Anyway it took me 2 years to build up the courage to get another doberman ,who we absolutely adore.
I am rambling but, I had to think in advance also, as I knew one day she would die. Keep these thoughts--Better to have known and loved them than not. Also, when you are sad think how your dog thinks. They live in the now. Sadie was always happy even when I looked at her and wondered how long she had. Maybe we should all live in the now. Everyday is a gift.
As far as transporting your dog, call your vet, groomers,kennels (they sometimes offer pick up service and may have a vehicle that could take your baby) or they probably know of someone who will help you. Hope this helps.
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I am having a VERY hard dealing with Kings death. its only been a week and a half, but i cry myself to sleep every night still. Im constantly looking at his pictures and tearing up, im constantly talking about him, and the part that probably hurts me the most, i seem to always be calling him out loud. Now you have to understand that King and I were inseperable. He literally came everywhere with me. I have never left him alone, and i rarely left him with my mom or sister, and even then it was only a couple hours. When he was with me, i would always call him over to pet him, hug him, kiss him or pick him up to lay with me on the couch. It is so much of a habbit that a few times ive gotten into the elevator and said "sit" even though he isnt there, i lay down to go to sleep and right away i call "King Kong Craz..." and stop myself when i realize he isnt here anymore. Im sure things will get better with time, but all i can do really is remember the good times i had and know that he isnt suffering anymore. I know i id my best, and probably went above and beyond the average pet owner when it came to trying to help him, and i know he knew i cared. thats what gets me throught it all. I have some stuff to remember him by, such as a few toys, and his pinch collar hanging on my rear view mirror. Plus i am getting a tattoo of my my boy on me. Im starting to cry again, so im going to end it here.
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It is so hard to get though a passing of a Fur Kid I still miss my Jakie something terrible I lost him in April. I still have may old Papillon Gizmo she just totters on she is 13 yrs old, I know one day it will be her turn. I think talking to friends and family really helps and to people on the forum that knows about your King.Know how you feel it is so hard but one day a puppy will be in your heart not to replace King no other dog will but they sure keep you busy so you will feel better in time.
Patches Mom
I must have been crazy to get two Pups so close together they really keep me busy.
You have to allow yourself to cry it out. I remember how heartbroken I was when I was away at university and learned that my dog had passed. Can't bring myself to even consider the day when it will be Java's time.
Wow.. Thank you so much for your stories. I am at work and I had to go to the ladies room because I was crying.

I think when Kohl passes I won't be able to come back here. It will hurt way too much to even look at another dog. I just feel guilty that maybe we didn't give him enough love or attention. We had our battles Kohl and I. There were days when I would call our breeder (my Brother) and ask him to get Kohl out of my house because he was driving me batty. But looking back.. Kohl chose us to be his mom and dad to show me patience and I love him for that.. I wish his life wasn't so short.. I still need to learn alot from him..
There were days when I would call our breeder (my Brother) and ask him to get Kohl out of my house because he was driving me batty. But looking back.. Kohl chose us to be his mom and dad to show me patience and I love him for that.. I wish his life wasn't so short.. I still need to learn alot from him..
sometimes all dogs drive us crazy lol but we still love them. and you shouldnt feel sure you have given him plenty of love and attention. wasnt that kohl doing all those tricks in that video clip you posted? A dog doesnt learn great tricks without their owners attention :) Dogs live in the moment and we all have good days and bad days...but the difference between people and dogs is that most dogs let those bad days go by and relax and enjoy the good days :)
ya that was Kohl in the video.. He is super smart and your right we did do alot of things for him and with him. Just feel like we should have done more..
Oreokitty. you will deal with Kohl's passing in just the way you need to. You'll be OK.

Cody died on Jan 1 of this year at 3 and a half. he got very sick at the kennel while we were in Calgary with family for christmas. they brought him to the vet who kept him alive till we got home. he was doing better. eating more, being more active.

we didn't go out new years becasue we all wanted to be with him. the night he died, he was down watching tv with me and the kids and went up stairs (hubby was in the family room)as soon as he got to the top of the stairs he collapsed. Jason is an EMT and tried to resuscitate him. Cody was in my arms when he finally died.

I couldn't stop crying, and holding him close in my lap - he was as velcro as they come and I just couldn't let him go. Everybody was crying. Jason and I were not able to have kids together and he was our 'baby'. I couldn't let him go. I must have held him crying for more than an hour before jason and the kids peeled me off.

Jason got a journal and took a paw print of Cody before he was cremated. I write in the journal to Cody. He was so didferent than Pollo and Molly. he was one of those talking dobes. he would mouth off hen ever he did something he didn't want to. he would talk when he was happy, so I felt like I was really having conversations with him. I still cry, I'm crying right now. every once in a while something just hits me.

these dogs are so much more than dogs - they are more like kids - that's why we get so attached. they have so much personailty, they are mischievious, caring, goofy, gentle, understanding, bitchy, in short, everything that we are - except they love us all the time.

it will be hard losing Kohl, Oreokitty. no doubt about it. but everyday you get used to the emptyness that he used to fill. you don't get used to him not being there, but you learn to deal with the hole. even with both Molly and Pollo - and believe me Molly keeps us busy - there is still a hole where Cody should be.

Even tho Kohl will be gone, you were blessed with the time that you had together. Imagine if you never had him. think what he taught you, all the time he made you smile and laugh so hard you almost wet your pant. All those times you looked at that sweet innocent little face and said, how the heck did you do.............

Just know that we are all here for you, and many of us, sadly, have been thru this with our dear dober kids.

hang tough
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Thank you so much for your kind words.. Being a puppy mom/ dad has so many rewards. I just wish I didn't take them for granted.. I know that we won't get another dog after Kohl leaves us.. I just can't emagine going through this again.

I like the idea of getting Kohl's paw print. I am going to see if a jewler will make it into a key chain or something that I carry with me
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