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It sounds like your dog could well be getting skin infections from food allergies. I'd carefully eliminate individual ingredients from his diet progressively and see how he does. I know people want to get a brand name to switch to and be done with it but it's important to know what ingredients your dog can and can't eat. Cutting the ingredient list from the bags and noting the results is a great help in this comparison. Otherwise you can bounce through dozens of unnecessary food trials.

You might also consider a raw diet if that's within your budget and availability in your location.

Once a week is too frequent for dog bathing IMO. If the dog smells that bad I'd also look at the rest of his environment and if there is anything that he frequently encounters that could be causing or contributing to the skin problem. Any slow running or standing water he gets into a lot? Is the itching the same regardless of what shampoo you use? Do you dilute the shampoo enough? We use vinegar as the fabric softener when we wash all our dog stuff to eliminate any soap residue as well.

I'd also get another skin scraping. You don't always catch skin issues in one scraping. Mites can move around and not be seen, the scrape might not have been deep enough, etc.

Good luck. These issues are frustrating!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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