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I assume "nibs"="nubs" :)

(Sorry, I got a bit worried over what kind of pup porn might show up, with "nibs" as a prompt!)

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3. Nibs
An annoying girl who birds ploob. (see "ploob" for definition of ploob)
"Nibs, guys!"
"Hey, it's Nibs, guys!"

1. ploob
A ploob is a power leveled noob. They tend to have high level characters and do not know how to play them.
For example, a high level character who has done nothing but power level to get there would be considered a ploob.

Not sure it makes anymore sense LOL
courtesy of Urban Dictionary, April 18: ash hole

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no just close up !!
HOW close? Like with the puppy category - all the entries were puppies, but it seems that the main contenders were the tiny little puppies, not the ones who were already 11 or 12 weeks and older. It would be very helpful to have a bit more detail, so that the entries sort of match up. Like "no full heads" or "no entire body parts" or something. I have some close-ups that are NOT as close as just a nose or an ear... should I not consider those?
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