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Complete thyroid panel results for Bumpy

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So after having Bumpy being on holistic thyroid medicine for a month, the specialist was very weary that his thyroid was even low as I stated in a thread a few weeks ago. His regular vet concured and asked me to bring him for a complete thyroid panel. I did on Saturday and I am happy to report that all tests came back in the normal range. He had the T4, T3, Free thyroid (I know I am getting all the names wrong) but he had all thyroid tests possible. A complete panel.

Apparently the vet that saw him when he had the ulcer reacted to his T4 test being .78 and did not realize that his test probably came back incorrect as he was stressed due to another condition.

I feel much better after getting all the results back and working with a vet that is very precise and knowledgeable. I am a little upset that he took medication that he didn't need for a condition that he didn't have but am glad that at least this was stopped after a few weeks.

How often should the thyroid be tested? Once a year?
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Oh thats great news!!! I know you feel better!!! Im not sure about the testing though, sorry.
How often should the thyroid be tested? Once a year?

I check thyroids once a year with my dogs.
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Thanks Murrey thats good to know :)
Actually it was someone on the forum that said something about his thyroid test possibly being "off" due to his other illness and that got me thanks to whomever mentioned that earlier and got me concerned that I should check again. And then of course the specialist was on top of it and pointed that out right away. Although I think the little devil misses his twice a day medication because he always got a piece of cheese with it - lol - so now he stands at the counter just looking at me and waiting. He is so cute :)
Is it possible his results were normal this time because of the holistic meds he was on or am I not understanding this right?
The vet couldn't answer that question about the meds, CoAl-s-mom. He had me stop the meds a week ago Saturday and then tested him this past Saturday so that he could get clear results. From what I understood the medication was out of his system. Not sure what effect the Hypo-thyro had.
Glad to hear he is fine and give him the cheese anyway, Dobies lurvvv cheese :):):)
Glad that it turned out good. I too test mine yearly.
I start testing at around 2 and do full panels every two years generally unless I'm seeing symptoms that seem to be that of low thyroid. At six I start doing them yearly.

I think a couple of us said that other conditions can affect thyroid readings--I know I did when I realized he was being treated for an ulcer when they were doing thyroid tests.
if you dog has a normal thyroid, once a year is fine. once they start meds, they should be started on a very low dose and then after a month be tested again. if they are still symptomatic and have low t3/t4 levels, the dosage gets upped a tad for a month and then checked again. and so on till normal levels are reached and symptoms gone. THEN you check again at 6 months and if normal annually after that, unless they get symptomatic again.

you just need to be careful with the dosage as a too high dose, too quickly can bring out aggresssion - and who needs that?

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