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Class started without us.

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Can you believe it? I thought we were essential to that class even starting.

I've had the hardest time finding a trainer this go round. I have used the Doberman Pinscher Club of Charlotte for training previously and loved them but they no longer provide this so I called them for recommendations and talked to a few trainers. Two of them I loved but one was a great price considering it is for a years training and then again she wanted all the $$ up front, no payment options. The other was starting training in a new facility and a little bit pricy but I liked him and he worked with dogs that specifically worked with kids (what a coincidence, I have 3). So I got on his waiting list that was supposed to start up in mid-April. I called in mid-April and they still did not have the schedule down so they said again they would call me. I didn't want to bug them so I waited and waited and then yesterday couldn't stand the wait any longer. My boy is not getting younger and I'm starting to get bored with our at home training and I know if I am that he is too.

Now that I got the long story out, they already started class and the next one is starting the end of June. By that time he will be old enough for the adult class which is starting up on the 7th. So, he completely missed out on the puppy class all together. I went ahead and paid and registered and now all I have to do is show up. I'm not peeved at the trainer, it is the facility that messed this up but I am pretty peeved that I've waited so long and got passed by. In the mean time I'm doing the best I can do with a puppy that I've already missed out on the first 14 weeks of his life and have no idea what kind of hereditary temperment I'm working with.

Has anybody started formal training this late? He is going to be 25 weeks when his training starts. At the very least I would consider it a great achievement to get his CGC and I have to admit I have my doubts after working with him for the past couple months and his reactions to strangers and his slowly progressively getting better seperation anxiety.
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Harley was a rescue who appeared to have virtually no training done with his prior owner. He didn't start formal training until 8 1/2 months with me. Granted, he was "behind" all the puppy kindergarten grads for the first 3 weeks or so, but he caught up with a vengeance. Dobes are fast learners, as I'm sure you already know.
I rescued Rudi 6/5/05. He was approximately 2 1/2 years old. He had only been with the rescue for a few days to 1 week and had been fostered with the DVM they use along with her other dobies, little dog and a few cats. She said he did very well with getting along with the other animals in the household. He was found as a stray and had spent several days at the local pound. I immediately adopted him after spending an hour with him during our visit. I jsut felt like he had a great potential to be the kind of dog I wanted to have. Not too crazy, not too fussy. As soon as I was able to work with him once I got home, I was able to see that he for surely was someone's pet. He seemed to be very obedient and knew basic commands like, sit, stay, down. I worked with him over the last 1 1/2 years by myself basing everything on the CGC requirements. I recently went into intermediate obedience with him and completed that. We learned a few more things to do and he had an introduction to agility. (We may do that this summer) We were supposed to do his CGC this past weekend but, it has been changed to 6/9/07. I think he is ready. He is just such a laid back dog and has been from the get go. I've never had to crate him or come down on him hard. He just has this aura bout him that he is there to please me and respect everything in his house/yard.
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That's good to hear both stories. Our first doberboy was a well behaved, older puppy and I never went through training with him. I think he was just happy to be in a home that fed him and didn't yell and beat on him that he didn't want to push any buttons. The second we did as much training as we could before I had the baby (first pregnancy) and I had a broken foot but we kept up with it at home. It was just so long ago that I doubt my abilities and I know so much has changed since then.

Jordan has the basic sit, down, wait, come and knows what they mean but he is not reliable with them and I know it is my my fault that I'm rusty. He is also much more stranger alert then my other dogs and I'm having to work with him continually on this and I feel that he needs more then I have to offer. With him like this there is no way that he could even get close to passing his test. I'm really anxious to get started and give him the training I know he needs to break out the "jewel in the rough" that I know he is.
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It really won`t make any difference plus he has your in house training, which is more than most. I didn`t do puppy classes. I did have privates though in her early months (2 month on up).
This particular trainer likes the puppys to bond with their humans in the formative months. I was encouraged to wait. I did and T is as social as they come. I did take her everywhere else though.
So I guess I can say I have done it both ways. She will be my best from what I can tell.
So don`t beat yourself up about it you will still have a good end result.:)
I have a young pup in formal training. With the info we learn there I am teaching my older dobbies (2&5) above the basics.
Thanks. My only concern is his socializing with strangers. Despite my best efforts we are still dealing with seperation anxiety and stranger anxiety which the seperation anxiety is slowly iproving but the stranger anxiety is still a big work in progress and we've recently changed our approach so I'm giving our new approach a time before I judge how it is working. The new trainer also offers in home training so I may talk to him about coming in a couple times or at least once to watch how we let strangers in the door now and see what he says about improving it. I would love for him to at least pass CGC but TDI would be our dream (and I won't stop at him if he just doesn't make it). I think with the right trainer for me and the proper work he'll be a wonderfull boy.
I'm starting my Dad's dobe pup in puppy kindergarten next week, he will be about 5 1/2 months old. Yeah I prefer them to start sooner, Lexus was started at 4 months.

I'm a little concerned with him (my Dad'd dog) as well, as he desperately needs socialization. From what I understand he's spent the first 5 months of his life in a kennel. (lovely huh :() So don't worry, all you can do is the best you can do. In the mean time, get him out everyday that you can. Take him to the pet store, to the park, heck even take him to the parking lot of your grocery store and work with him. I've done that after meeting other dobermans there when I was grocery shopping! As much exposure as you can give him will only serve to benefit him.
Like Lexus says, get out as often as you can. Even if you just standing infront of a store watching the people walk by. I have been taking Alexis out as much as possible. While Mrs Kratty is off shopping in Bed, Bath & Beyond, I'm standing out side with the puppy. Last Monday, we got to stand out infront of Home Depot, Kohls, a rug store, but we were invited in by the manager after a bit, and ended our journey at Petsmart. A big day of getting and out of the truck for her.

Even though you might be just standing there, watching the world go by, you can work on small amounts of training with them. I also like just to talk to the people that come by and just kinda ignore Alexis, just to see what she will do. Most times, if she is not the center of attention, she just lays down and goes to sleep. Even with people she is unsure of, I don't force it. She might hide behind me at times, but once I start talking to them, she ventures out on her own. Sometimes, not making a big deal about it will help.
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I started off working hard with him when the girls were in school brining him to parks and stores but now I've slacked off. My goal from the trainer was 1 new people a day and we did great for a few weeks. He seems totally different meeting strangers out then at home with strangers coming to the home though so we are trying to recruit people to come to the house. He still shys away from strangers when we are out but when they come to the house he is very territorial. We started of by having strangers come in and offer treats galore but he would take the treats, bark, growl, back off and then start over again. Now we are having him sit and we do the treats when he sits and behaves. We correct verbally when he starts to get up and praise when he stays down. If he greets them friendly he gets more treats and they walk in the house and we continue praising and treating. If he gets up or isn't friendly we maintain our positions until he calms down and then when the stranger is in the house and he maintains calm comfort with them we have the stranger then start giving the treats. He seems to be doing better with this and I think it is because he knows what we are expecting from him and does better with a little more strict "job" when people come to the door.
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