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These days it seems I develop more and more health issues. I'm sliding into 50! Fi-Ty YEARS OLLLDDDDDD
Is there anybody here with a chronic illness or disabled that has a Doberman?
Ahhhh Sally O'Malley!!!

Being only 2 yrs your junior I'm not as athletic by a long shot as i used to be. I know it's humbling, not being able to do what you could even a couple of years ago.

One thing I did that helped run our girl's donkey off when she was young and nearly inexhaustable was to use a broom or some thing on a stick & line to "lunge" (sp) her like a worked nicely without killing me.

You being in Tx(I'm originally from tx) could see if your dogs like slaying "water dragons" on a not so hot day w/the hose & sprayer to see if they'll run their butts off chasing the stream.

Our girl also LOVES to chase after streams of water from a water gun.

I hope that helps and am sorry you're not your usual. It's hard.
I've seen some quite out of shape people tho w/dobes. I consider myself out of shape but figure I can still do stuff and "had my day".....but now have to face the fact that from now on I will always need a dog that has an "off" switch, and fortunately our girl has that.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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