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Dont feel so bad, I also suffer from a debilitating, chronic, illness that doctors have still not figured out. I have good days, weeks, months and bad ones. My dogs adjust.
Some day's, I feel good and can do more with them, other days we have cuddle parties in bed, all day. Once your dogs get used to not running every day, they will get better and better at days when they just have to take care of mom.

I know it is hard. I am only 28, but have suffered from a progressively worsening disease since childhood. Hang onto the joy your dogs bring you. That is the brightest hope I have in my life. I care for them the best I can and they care for me, in return.
Its amazing what you can do with a dog while sitting in one place. Teach them tricks that don't require you to move around, too much. Make special toys full of yummy treats and hide them around the house for the dogs to find. Just be creative and have fun with your kiddos.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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