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and our pup is getting fat (growing fast!) and I'd like your advice on how to stop him jumping on guests!

He greets nearly everyone with enthusiasm at home or out and about and when guests are sitting he just wont leave them alone unless we are engaging him.

We tend to manage the situation with a long walk before guests arrive then something to chew in his crate - is there any proactive training method to get him to leave people alone? He just wants attention but it escalates to paws on knees so he can lick their faces.

It's the same behaviour when we meet people on walks, as soon as someone is deemed not a threat he tries to jump all over them and we have to swiftly move on.

Thanks in advance for your help :)


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I'd teach him to go to a mat and stay there when guests come--release him once he's gotten calmed down a little. Tell your guests not to pay any attention to him when they come in the door, too. That way he might not get so ramped up that he can't control his excitement. Leash him before you let him up (or before you open the door) so you have better control and can correct him if you need to.

Also teach him to sit before he greets guests or people on the trail. The rule is--no attention from anyone he meets unless he is sitting.

Even if I don't use the mat technique, I usually have my dogs lie down at my feet and stay if we are sitting around chatting with company. It's just easier all around.

Take a look at this thread for a discussion of how to teach a dog to lie down and chill.
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He's a nice looking fellow!

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Hi BC. No sign in my house ^^^^^. But we follow the exact same rules on the sign here, still to this day, with our well trained 7 yo.

It works better than anything else I've ever tried. I also ask guests not to ring the bell or knock when they arrive. The call or text me and I simply greet them at the door unannounced. This is because our boys have always been allowed to alert respond (bark) to uninvited people at our front door.

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