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IMO breed legislation stinks. It’s a slippery slope that potentially affects us all, no matter what our breed of choice is. With that said, I’ve got mixed feelings about the way some choose to protest it.

For example, let’s say there was a push by members of the public for new laws banning dump trucks in residential areas because kids were playing in the street and getting run over. Rounding up a handful of professional drivers in specially modified trucks to put on a demonstration of how they can avoid kids playing in the street doesn’t address the problem. In fact, it most likely will exacerbate the problem by making parents feel like it’s safe for their kids to play in the streets with dump trucks driving around.

The real problem is kids playing in the street and no amount of professional driving demonstration with exceptional trucks is going to change that.

From what I read and hear, the problem is that there are already too many people who fail to recognize that breeds have certain characteristics that belong with the breed. Showing off a bunch of Pitts that can hang out with other dogs just fine is just going to encourage more Bubba&Suzies to go out and get one. Then they are going to be shocked when their neighbors start complaining about the dog attacking other dogs. Other people who saw the demonstration of all the ‘nice’ Pitts are going to give a bunch of meaningless advice. Eventually the “bad” Pitt is going to either end up mauling someone’s pet or else in the shelter. Or maybe both.

All because Bubba&Suzie never considered that perhaps the dog is genetically programmed to fight; and that if they like all the other characteristics of a Pitt, owning one means that they will spend the lifetime of the dog managing the fighting aspect of his genetics.

We need more responsible ownership. It isn’t reasonable to expect people to exercise responsibility over something they don’t even understand. Pretending that all dogs of all breeds are the same is not educating the public and doesn’t encourage responsible ownership.

I wish Illinois Rescue the best and appreciate that they are putting forth the effort to try and do something, but I’m not so sure that this sort of thing doesn’t hurt more than it helps in the long run.
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