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Chewing on/pulling up carpet problem

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Dimity, our 6 1/2-month-old red female, is attacking our carpet: chewing on it and pulling it back at the edge. We've placed some heavy objects around the border of the carpet, at those places she seems most attracted to; but I suspect she is not choosy, and will chew on/pull up whatever part of the carpet is accessible; her chewing and pulling is predominantly on the edge of the carpet, but she will fiddle with the middle also. Alas, she is a strong Doberman; she is literally pulling the nailed carpet off of the floorboards.

Most of our home consists of hard wood floors, with a few carpeted rooms upstairs. We train her inside, in an empty room upstairs because the carpet offers much better footing for her; she slides a lot on the hard wood floors downstairs. Because of the predominantly wet weather in the Northwest, especially in the Winter and Spring, we have to train inside.

Any ideas about how to modify her carpet pulling/chewing behavior? Holding her; saying "No"; crating her; loud, firm, corrections; spraying Bitter Apple on the carpet (her least favorite thing in the world); treats; bones; chewy toys--only distract her for a little while. Once she finishes with these treats and/or distractions (or gets bored with them), she's back at the carpet faster than you can say Doberman Pinscher.

Mind you, this is not a neglected dog. We spend hours with her every day--walking, training, playing--and she has been through the first round of obedience classses, awaiting the second round in early February.
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We had a problem with our puppy that she'd always play with toys right next to the couch. Eventually she'd push the toy under and then start digging like crazy trying to get it back. Needless to say the digging was not good for the carpet. Like you, nothing we tried worked. She'd always go back to putting her toys under the couch.

One thing to do is just to close the door and keep her out of the rooms with carpet. That's not much of a solution though. What worked for us was any time she'd start shoving her toys under the couch we'd move her away and put her on a down stay for at least a good 5 minutes (not always an easy thing but do not let her move until you say so). Then release her and give her a toy back. This has all but solved the problem. Whether its because she would forget what she was doing or it reinforced that i was the boss and what i say goes, i'm not sure. The key is to be persistent. The first few days of this it took between 3 and 6 corrections for her to quit for the day.

It may also just be a teething issue. If thats the case try your best to find some chew toys that are more appealing than the carpet!!
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i had i very similar issue with my deacon. however, he got way too smart. Once he knew he wasnt suppose to eat the carpet what he would do is pull it up and tear the padding up and into a million pieces and then lay the carpet back down. I would come home and be so proud of him. No poddy accidents and nothing messed up. Then i would step and feel this lumpy stuff under the carpet. Little stinker!!
what i had to do is duct tape the edges down. It didnt look pretty but it stoped him from doing it. Once his teething phase was over i could take the tape off ...... either he has forgotten about it or just isnt interested anymore. What ever the reason i am just glad he stoped.
The duct tape sounds like a great idea. Every blue moon, I'll catch Chi trying to chew on the carpet, even had a little hole in one spot, but a quick squirt of bitter apple works as a quick deterrent. Although last night I caught her trying her best to chew on the tile floor....
I agree with the duct tape. The place we are in right now has old office carpet and was starting to fray but Duke starting pulling it up and scratching at it. We tried the bitter apple but once we put down the duct tape he stopped. Good luck!
We had that problem with Pyper as well (what is it with Dobies and carpets?? :thinking: )
We think there was a cat or possibly another dog that lived here before us and she is just trying to get at the source of the intruder (maybe he's hiding UNDER the carpet!!???). :nono:
One day she just stopped. She does, however, lick the carpet in spots now.
Hah, Jack has this thing now that he also finds the carpet intersting. But i think i got that part coverd. when ever he starts chewing on the carpet i give him his favorite toy and he seems to like that better for a while. BUT NOW when he goes out sides and relaxes on the patio he trys to chew on the patio.. i keep telling him hes gonna break his poor teeth.. I know hes only around 9 weeks. But when do puppys usualy start teething? cause i know i didnt have to many issues with my cocker on teething.. he all the time was chewing on his toys ( and still does ). so i dunno fully about the teething stage.
So if anyone can awnser the round about age dobis teeth that would be a great help :D
MIne started teething around 4 months or was it 5 months....
I think Chi started really chewing on stuff right around 8wks or so and still is at 8 months. Good news is, she's been pretty good at chewing only on her stuff.
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