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Cheaters always prosper?

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Well I just got done playing a 20 minutes game of tug a war with Gracie. I won twice. :dancing_b But she cheats. While she is pulling she will come up to you and put her paw on your hand and push down on your hand so you let go. Or she will grab your end of the toy and make you grab the nice wet nasty side. Every time she did this I either pushed her paw off of my hand and said no cheating or when she would grab my side I would grab it back and say no cheating. Although I don't think she really understands what I ment.

She did drag me across the floor a few times, not cool but it was fun for her. Also I think I got my arm work outs done for a few days. :D

BTW. I almost never play tug with her, hubby always does because she is too strong for me to play with. Which is why she drug me across the floor. By the way I only won those two times because she was trying to re-grip and I pulled. :D Cheaters always prosper in this house I guess.

I know pointless thread but I had to post it. :)
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hahaha, Well, If I remember correctly, there are really no rules fo tug.....I sometimes will use heavy stationary objects to attach my end to while my girl tugs away, she never caught on yet......Sounds like evryone had fun....
We tried that except she will knock over what ever it is we attach it to. She isn't a dumb girl when it comes to games I guess. There are rules for tug. My way or the high way. :) I make up rules as I go along. She needs to keep up with them. :)
Does Gracie do that thing where she gets her front half lower than her back half, then buck like a mule to gain an inch in her favor? I love see that, but if you're not careful, you arm could get shook off!
i let my girl win all the time dont want to break her spirit
Yes she does put her bum down and pull and shake at the same time. :) It's funny until I think my arm is going to fall out of socket.

Gracie does win a lot. But when I play with her I make sure I win more than her, even if I have to cheat a little. :) Like I said cheaters always prosper in this house. :D
hehee aww Gracie so cute! haha when Duchess plays tug a war she doesnt care about pulling me most of the time...just so long as she holds on...I can pull her across the room and she will just hold on until she feels strong enough to do the bucking backwards lol
Oh G_M, don't you just hate getting the chewed up/spat out end of the tug. If I get sick of playing and drop my end, I get barked at and air snapped. Spoilt only child just doesn't know when to stop.
LOL I can just see you and Gracie arguing over rules :)
Chi cheats too, she'll actually place her front paws on Mark's legs to get more leverage....
I generally end up playing with her when I'm at the computer desk, sitting on a chair with wheels. She'll pull me all over the living room floor. Great excercise for her and an awesome upper body workout for me :)
Too funny! Hubby plays with Gypsy. she is really strong, even Spirit will give up and let her win! Once Gypsy gets ahold of something she will not let go! Hubby will pull and pull and then let go telling her.. Oh Gypsy you too strong... then she will swing the rope all over the place back and forth, Hubby says,, oh Gypsy.. are you a baddd girl!! you're a Baaaddd girl and gypsy swing it harder and harder... they are so funny together.
Spirit loves to play ball. Hubby will throw the ball, Spirit will go and get it and bring it back and put it at his feet but will not let hubby grab it again, Spirit will keep his paw in the ball (which is a flat, really flat, soccer ball) all the while keeping an eye on hubby. then hubby will distract Spirit and grab the ball really quick to throw it again. But boy, you really have to be fast.. I tried to trick Spirit one time and acted like I threw the ball and then put it behind my back.. well, that is the last time I will do that.. Spirit thought he could go right through me to get the ball, stood up on his hind legs and wacked me on the chest with his huge paws.. I had two bruise marks on my upper chest for 3 weeks.. never again....
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Oh man frznbuns, I am so glad Gracie doesn't do that!

Jedski, Gracie also does the bark and air bitting when I stop playing. I simply tell her enough and to go find someone else to play with. :)

Tracy, I tried letting Gracie push me around in my computer chair, once the chair hit the carpet so did my butt. So never again will I let her do that!

frznbuns, your post reminded me of a story..

Over the summer hubby and I set up our tent in the backyard to let it air out before our big camping trip. I got inside the tent and called Gracie into the tent, she ran right in and jumped over my head and tried to go out the (fake) back window thing. She slammed into the screen and rolled us both over in a 360 degree circle. I couldn't stop laughing for the life of me. Hubby had to pick up the tent to let us out of the tent because we couldn't find our way out. After that Gracie now slowly goes in the tent without trying to jump out the window.
:rofl: @ Gracie's attempt at camping.

My daughter told me a story that her teacher told her, about a High School camp he attended. Apparently one of the boys went to bed earlier than everyone else. Teenage boys being boys, caught a young kangaroo around the camp site, tossed it into the two man tent, zipped up the door and sat back and watched the fireworks. Sleeping kid in tent wakes up screaming, kangaroo panics and both of them were frantically bouncing around in a tent that you couldn't stand up in, trying to find a way out. Luckily the kid wasn't clawed to pieces, roos can do quite a bit of damage! :sadcry:
Oh man that is too funny.. Gracie and the Roo story!!! got my laughs for the morning lol
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