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Charleston/Ladson Show

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Just wondering if anyone from here are going to the Charleston Show this weekend. I think it would be great to meet some fellow dobermantalk people in person. As ya'll probably already know Tom Weigand from the Winning Image will be set up there this weekend. Dobes show at 8am on Sat. and 9am on Sun.
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I wish I was going! I just really need to spend the money on other things right now. My knuckleheads are expensive little beastie's. Maybe next time :(
I know what you mean.
And the travelling expense is a little too much for me HA :),but i would love to go.
We usually go, but the pups are too young and the IG judges were not right for what I have in the ring right now. It is a nice show, small but a nice place.
for those in the NC/SC area there will be shows in Greenville SC in Feb and a huge circuit (6 days) in Raleigh NC in March
No I didn't enter Gaston, his front paw is still a little raw from when he cut it and had to have staples. I'll enter him in the Hilton Head show. I went over to the show and I ordered a purse today from the Winning Image with Gaston's picture that they took on it, I can't wait to get it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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