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Chaos on The Fourth

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Independence Day here. That means fireworks.

Mensa did so good last year when my neighbors were lighting sticks of dynamite I thought I'd see how she does watching real fireworks close to where they are launched. So we went for a walk down by the University where they have a fireworks display every year.

She did great. As well as I could have asked. She met hundreds of people, and some even shared a bite off their burgers and hot dogs.

When they shot off the fireworks she mostly ignored them.

Here are three short video clips of Mensa not being too impressed:

These fireworks were the much ballyhooed "High Definition" type. I couldn't tell much of a difference between them and the old-school "low definition" ones.
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Well done Mensa,i wish Amber was like that she would have been trying to disappear up her own backside at that point!!We have another few months yet till the artillery starts.
Way to go Mensa! Ziris wasnt really impressed either. They were popping black cats right next to us and throwing them at eachother. Ziris watched them like they were a bunch of idiots, but didnt flip out.

4th of July is a great day for extra socialization! Glad that Mensa had a good experience. I think she has been exposed to pretty much...oh.......EVERYTHING! haha
That's cool, Chaz! :) I'm glad you had a good 4th and got to enjoy the high-def fireworks!
She does look very un-impressed :) We can see the fireworks from our front yard so we don't go anywhere. Plus it is too hot!
way to go mensa! :) I took duchess when she was maybe 3 1/2 months old to see fireworks and she didnt even look up from playing with her toys :)
This was my first Fourth of July with Harley and handled them like a pro. I didn't know what to expect, especially since my brother's dogs go insane.
She is just the best dog going....I hope Petey ends up as stable and able to go anywhere like her!

Carol & Petey!
how funny! she's just like "this bores me." i was too worried to take luna out, so we just stayed home. she didn't react at all to the neighbor's fireworks. maybe for new year's we'll give it a try.
I am not surprised that Mensa sailed thru the fireworks like the classy doberlady that she now is.

Pollo hates loud noises, thunder, dropping a pot or pan, yelling - he goes running to hide behind mommy's skirts (SUCH a Mama's boy) Molly could care less. we didn't really feel like going out, last night, but she was completely oblivious to the racket - as she is to most things - except bugs - THEY provide her with endless entertainment.

Awww, that is cool that Mensa is so mellow and disinterested in fireworks. My older boy ignored them, my pit Callie cried and shook like a leaf (and then slept in my arms) and Bumpy lost his mind barking through the house like he was angry (and then fell asleep) - lol.
Hubby & I went to River Parks watched the Big Fireworks Buddy & Patches at home with frozen filled Kongs. Buddy howels like a wolf at sirens so did not want a howeling dog with us.
Many people were walking their Pit Bulls at River Parks,
Patches Mom
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