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FYI for those members on DT who train/compete in IPO and are Canadians.

Announcement was just posted on the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (GSSCC) Facebook page advising of new qualifications for alternate breeds to qualify to represent Canada at FCI WM.

The changes mean alternate breeds who score a min of 260 and V in protection at Canada Nationals and meet the other requirements would have priority over higher scoring GSDs in making the team.

The GSSCC is trying to promote alternate breeds in the sport and at the Canadian Nationals. As a Canadian resident with an alternate breed I am thrilled to see the change and must admit I was surprised at the encouragement alternate breeds are receiving. Way to go GSSCC!

I cut and pasted from the document posted on FB since I could not seem to attach a file.

Taken from the GSSCC FB page earlier today:

It is recommended that applicants for the Team Canada FCI IPO3 World Championship familiarize themselves with all GSSCC rules and policies prior to submitting a letter of intent.

43(s) It is the handler’s responsibility to send a Letter of Intent (as found in Shepherd Sports or on The German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada) to your Regional Chairperson as well as the GSSCC Team Canada Coordinator, stating your intentions to compete in the FCI IPO3 World Championships if qualified and selected.
Handlers must submit the Letter of Intent in writing postmarked by July 1st preceding the Canadian GSD Championships.

43(t) The top five 5 dog/handler teams with a passing score and a pronounced rating in protection at the Canadian GSD Championships that have applied and qualified for the FCI World Championship Team will be selected for Team Canada. Alternative breeds over 260 points and a pronounced rating have priority with disregards on their final placing. Should one of the top five decline, the opportunity will be given to the next qualifying team in descending order until the five positions are filled.

43(u) Handler’s must be a member in good standing of the GSSCC or CKC breed organization preceding the date of application for the team and in the same year they intend to compete at the FCI IPO3 World Championship. Handlers must provide proof of membership with their letter of intent.

43(v) Handler’s must be a verifiable resident of Canada.

43(w) Handlers must be able to provide proof of Canadian residency to the FCI Executive upon request.

43(y) Dogs must be registered as purebred with the CKC and be a breed recognized by the FCI for the FCI IPO3 World Championship. Handlers must provide dog CKC registration number with their letter of intent.
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