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I have 4 indoor only housecats. Males ages 12, 6, 5. Female 2.
I rescued my dobe Rudi when he was approximately 2 1/2yrs old. He hardly has a prey drive unless I entice him to "go get the kitty or squirrel." Rudi and my five year old male black cat JJ, are best buddies. JJ is one fat tough dude and can tolerate most anything. Sometimes Rudi will nibble on JJ's head and sides, I call it the typewriter. When JJ has had enough, he'll tap Rudi on his snout and run away. Rudi hardly ever gives chase. My my male 12 year old tuxedo and white male 6 yo can tolerate Rudi being within close proximity, but if Rudi makes any sudden moves they'll take off under the bed or to higher ground or to the laundry room. Their safest place is the laundry room......Rudi has been taught he is not allowed to go thru the kitchen into the laundry room since I keep the dry cat food out all day and the litter boxes in there to prevent Rudi from tasting the delectible delights in the litter box! My grey female cat 2yo......well I hardly even see her when I'm home. She is afraid of anything.........even me.....I don't know why? Possibly because she was a ferral kitten when I brought her home. Who knows? Crazy kitty! She comes to me on her terms and for treats. Weirdo!
I believe the cats have to have a saving grace spot. Rudi does not get crated, he roams free in the house, so I feel safe leaving his collar on with all of his dog tags on them. When the cats hear the jingle of the dog tags, they know he is roaming the house and can prepare themselves.

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