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Thank you for DT members who sent me the Christmas cards:thanx:
I made some collage and it's still expanding, out of frame!
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It was so exciting to receive airmails almost everyday.
As I limited to send mine, I want to say thank you who mailed all participants! Since some didn't state their DT names or dog name, I want to THANK YOU here!

Well, next for Japanese task is to create the New Year's cards. I've printed out today.
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Mine is going to be more traditional this time. You see the sentence is written from top to bottom, formal way;)
"I'd like to take this opportunity to express my greeting in new year. We wish that this year (2012) will be better year than ever. Heisei 24(2012), Dragon year"

Yes, a dragon year next year in the Oriental Zodiac. Not cute, huh!? Instead of a dragon, Elza is on the card;)

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Have you heard about DT's Dragon Slayers? Search DT for an explanation--might work with your Zodiac dragon :)
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