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Car Restraint

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I was looking for an effective, tested car restaint and was having a tough time finding one. I stumbled on the PetBuckle system on and read that it had "extensive CAPE testing." I googled it to find the results and actually found a video. It's a crash test with a petbuckle restrained dog vs. an unrestrained dog. The dogs aren't real, but are appropriately weighted. I was really disturbed and won't be able to have a dog unrestrained in my car again.

PetBuckle Testing
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Thank you....I've been thinking about buying something for Petey. I'm going to now for sure!

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we got one at a pet came with a harness for 14.99 but we really just got it for the clip that goes directly into any seat beat buckle and then has the clip to clip to any harness...
I havent watched the video yet...Im alittle scared. but I will sometime tonight lol.
Wow, those are really nice! Hmmm...*digs around in wallet for something other than flies*

Edit to add: I may have an issue because I would need 3 different sizes for Wonder until he hits his adult weight! Size 5 would cover him until he hit 55 pounds, probably won't take too long. :p

The petbuckle one is tested too and is a one size fits all adjustable. I may use that until he hits the bottom of the weight range for the L size (70lbs). The ruff rider is definitely nicer than that one though.
Ugh, I can't pick. Does the ruff rider harness have adjustable or moving parts? The petbuckle worries me because it has two points of adjustment that I think could slide during an accident. The video proves that it doesn't, but I'm paranoid.

I like the ruff rider because it seems more solid, but I like how the petbuckle system connects to the LATCH bar. Does anyone know if latch bar systems are safer than the seatbelt type?
Ruff Rider has a puppy program (discount when you trade up or complete trade if your puppy does not chew on it - yeah right). Drago chewed on his first one so I got a 10% discount on a new one. I suggest you talk to them directly on the phone for sizing. I clip Drago in with the center seatbelt in the back seat of my Toyota Tundra pickup.
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