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In 1958 my college roommate dragged me off to a dog show--she had a Dane puppy that she was just starting to show. Dobes were in right after Danes and she couldn't drag me away from the ring--I thought they were the most beutiful thing I'd ever seen.

By 1960 I had my first Dobe and in spite of doing everything possible wrong when it came to looking for and buying that puppy I ended up with a Dobe who was probably the best Dobe I'll ever own--I finished him in Canada and the US and his breeder ended up specialing him for several years--he was a multi BIS and BISS dog in both countries.

I've tried other breeds a few times and have always ended up back with Dobes--I still think they are perhaps the most strikingly beautiful dog that there is.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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