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All great stories :D Loved reading them all.

My very first that I can remember was about, 11-12yrs ago. I was around 12-13yrs old. It was actually my very first bf haha. I'd go to his house and he had a "big mean vicious" Doberman named Duke. I was terrfied to even go NEAR his house. But his mom always told me that Duke was friendly. I just thought YEAH RIGHT LADY. Eventually I did make it into the house. We'd play Nintendo and Duke would sit with us :) I learned to realize he was actually a really nice dog!!! I just saw his mom the other day and she has another Doberman ;)

But I didn't fall in love until I met my Sister's dobe, Bo Bo. He is what changed my mind on the breed. He was so kind, gentle and just SO SMART. That when my sister's female had puppies. I HAD to have a Doberman. So I read up on them, did a bunch of research. Once we did that we decided to pick the smallest guy. Which is now the biggest :D That's how my love of the breed came about. I will never for as long as I live own another Breed (well, I MAY one day own a Dane, but it wouldn't be without a Dobe "sibbling" hehe).
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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