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Thought I'd pass it on to those of you who live out that way incase you know of someone wanting an adult dobe. This message was on another dobe site I belong to and I was given permission to forwared it on. I feel so sorry for these dogs that have lost both their mom and dad together.

Two Dobes ( littermates ), need a home desparetly. 1-Male (will be neutered), 1-Female (she is spayed).
Whelped: May 06, 2002

Sadly, both of their owners (Bob and Barbara Stuart of Mesa, AZ) have passed away and we need to find homes for them

Baron, and Princess have both had some obedience training. They lived with cats and birds and lived in a small world with their
mom and dad. Baron was out in the show world as a yearling, but not much socialization or interaction with others in the past couple of years. Princess has not been away from home much at all. Both are very loving, loyal dogs.

Bob and Barbara's son and daughter live out of state and cannot keep these dogs. They are in AZ right now to get things settled so time is of the essence. Please help these dogs as their whold world has been turned upside down!!

Please contact:
Mike Stuart or his sister Colleen at 480-838-8121 or Colleen's cell: 480-229-6588

Thank You,
Pat Stouter (Stuart family friend)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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