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Can someone explain what ....

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"Failing Blood Vessels" are?

Our daughters and partners doberman "Murphy" has a rash and when the took him to the vets he said it was due to Failing blood vessels. He is around 12 months old and has had some problems in the past. He had a growth in his mouth that the vet ended up operating on and removing some milimeteres of jaw and a large canine. Hes also had a few other minor ailments. Now, the vet has said that his blood tests (more!) have had to be sent away for analysis. They have at least a 2 week wait before getting back the results. Asking the vet if it was life threatening, he said, as he was not a specialist in that area, that he would be honest and say he didnt know.

Had anyone ever heard of this condition before and if so, can it be treated by medication? Be gratefule for earlist replies to try and remove some fear from daughter and partners minds...

Many thanks, from a first time poster....
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I'm a new Dobie owner and long time dog owner, but have never heard of this before. I do want to wish you all well with the pups health problems....they get in our hearts and it is so scary when their health fails.

Being a human nurse the only thing I can think of is clotting. The surface inside the vessels could be rough which in turn would cause red blood cells to stick to the rough areas then a clot would form over time. This does not sound like what you are talking about regarding the rash symptoms. The rash would be more of bursting capillaries. I just don't know. I've never heard of "failing blood vessels." It really makes me think of circulatory collapse perhaps? I dunno.
Why don't you give your vet a quick call and ask what exactly he means, and take it from there, and let us know to. I think of clotting too, which doesn't click with the rash, unless you are describing it as a rash and it is actually broken capillaries.
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