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Hey all. For those who don't remember me- the backstory is that I lost my sweet 6 year old boy to DCM on June 23rd this year. I also have a female dobe- she is 6.5 years old. I decided to take her to the vet today to get checked out- I had noticed she was breathing heavier when sleeping, slight labored breathing more (almost raspy sounding). Just for peace of mind, I thought an appt was in order.

My mom took her today as I was at work. She just let me know they found an irregular heartbeat and did an EKG. It is going to be looked at by a cardiologist and we will know results tomorrow. Guys, I am freaking out. My first thoughts go to DCM and it is just too much. All those memories and emotions are coming back to me- I just don't know if I can do it again.

Be honest with me please- how worried should I be?
There are other things that can cause an irregular heartbeat. But I'm not going to deny that I'd be pretty darned worried about DCM if it were me.

I know exactly how you feel. I lost a male to liver disease in July 2008, a disease that's just as deadly as DCM. In Sept. of 08, my black bitch was diagnosed with the exact same thing. Not even 3 months separated the death of one dog and the second dog being diagnosed as being in the early stages of the same damned disease.

You CAN do it again, because, really, you don't have much choice. You can make the decision to never own another doberman if you don't want to deal with these diseases more than once (or at all)..but when it comes to dealing with the hand you were dealt with the dog in front of you, you *do* struggle though, for the sake of the dog. You reach down deep, and the fortitude IS there.

Even if your girl's irregular heartbeat turns out to be something else, it's really a good idea for her (and every doberman) to have regular cardiac testing. If DCM is caught in the early stages, lifespan CAN be extended through treatment.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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