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Ok you all know that I am looking for photos to make my own doberman calendar. Well I have found a lot of great ones in our gallery! First Thanks to all who are letting me use your photo. I plan on putting your name on the bottom of the photo for the credit.
Now I really need photos of working dobermans..and some Dobermans in agaility.. going over jumps.. climbing. also I need more winter photos..and puppy photos. Ones with natural ears and taped ears..also Dobermans just being dobermans..
if you need to you can email them to me... [email protected]
I want this calendar to be the best ever.. Maybe this forum can make some $$$ for a Doberman Rescue with it..
Ok folks its up to you know lets see what sort of Photographers we have out there..
Again thanks to all in advance:dancing_b :cool2:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts