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I thought I'd start a thread where can dump all articles we stumble across about CAH/liver disease in one place to be used a resource/reference. (both journal articles and more lay articles to cover all levels of understanding).
If there's a thread already like it somewhere....I apologise for the duplication.

There is so much information and learning to absorb when dealing with the disease and difficult and time consuming to do all the research on your own.

I hope this thread helps ease some of that burden.

whilst Blood tests, ultrasounds and a liver biopsy is/are the standard method of diagnosis; common symtoms (in no particular order) to watch out for are...
    • excessive thirst
    • inappropriate/increased urination (indoors despite house trained)
    • crystal formations in urine
    • rapid weight loss
    • annorexia
    • jaundice (yellowing of gums, whites of eyes and inner ears)*major indicator of a liver issue
    • bleeding gums, or excessive bruising
    • lethargy
    • head tremors
    • frequent shivering
    • swelling of the abdomen
    • throwing up
    • pale or pastey grey poops
    • pale gums/anaemia

If I've forgotton any please feel free to add to the list!

also bare in mind that a lot of these symptoms are non-specific and can be caused by lots of different conditions...also you might only see one mild symptom at any one time...Liver disease is insideous and hard to detect on symptoms alone, which is why routine full blood panels are so important.


Histomorphological and Immunohistochemical Studies of Chronic Active Hepatitis in Doberman Pinschers (journal article) (journal article)

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sorry all the articles so far are heavy going, focussing on the biology of the disease...but I'm on a google roll :lol: skip straight to the results sections for the easiest reading I promise I'll add some easier reads later (and identify them as such!)

ScienceDirect - Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology : Upregulation of major histocompatibility complex class II antigens in hepatocytes in Doberman hepatitis (abstract only)

Diagnosis and prognosis of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis in dogs - Sevelius - 2008 - Journal of Small Animal Practice - Wiley Online Library (abstract only...not dobe specific)

Characterization of the Inflammatory Infiltrate in Canine Chronic Hepatitis (journal article; Immune mediated)

Comparative Hepatology | Full text | Differential expression of copper-associated and oxidative stress related proteins in a new variant of copper toxicosis in Doberman pinschers (journal article; copper toxicosis, moderate read )
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