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Buying dog food?

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I was wondering where everyone got their dog food? I'm kinda stuck in a rut here. I really want to switch sade to a better dog food (like those that have been previously discussed), but I dont live anywhere near what you would call a city.. and I've found that getting those brands of dog foods are hard to do. I've thought about ordering and shipping, but that would make the food almost double the price when I add the shipping charges. I live out in the most southeastern corner of kentucky and our closest specialty pet stores are probably in lexington (about 3 1/2 hours from me) and I'm not even sure where they are.

Do any of you order and ship?

Should I ask my vet and see if they order dog foods?
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I would ask your vet and see if he knows of any other patients that use the food you are interested in and where they buy it. I found the Canidae at a mom and pop run business that only does delivery and doesnt' even have a store. They just started listing on the Canidae site so there may be some out there that you are unaware of.
You could find a few people that buy the same food or at least from the same store like hbwrigt said and then have them deliver either to your house or maybe you could work something out with the vet. Another idea is to post a sign up in the pet food store looking for someone who comes your way. Or take turns with friends, relatives etc.. going to the store. I buy *******'s food at Global Pet Foods they are just 20 minutes away so I don't have this problem. You could also make the long drive but pick-up 4-5 bags at a time. Kibble normally lasts for up to a year.
Yeah i thought about just going and buying a bunch at a time. I would really like to find something closer though lol, I already drive 20 minutes one way just to work, we're quite literally out in the middle of nowhere lol. I'll go chat up my vet sometime this week and see if she has any helpful info. Thanks guys.
The same feed store I buy hay at sells Canidae. Check out the "store finder" on their website:

That's how I found out that the feed store I visit every month or so has Canidae. (I don't buy mine there, however. A little family pet shop downtown sells it too. And they make a big deal out of Mensa when we shop there)
Also SadesMom, most of these premium foods have independent distributors, MANY of whom will provide free shipping if you order online. If you're shopping online compare--some waive shipping costs for orders over $35, others over $50, etc.. Any 30-lb. bag of premium food is going to cost more than $35. Just make sure they don't sneak in freight (FOB) charges like does for anything over 3 lbs.. There is a member here who orders Flint River Ranch online...perhaps she would chime in about her shipping charges. (They should be zero.)

Also, if you're in a rural area, I'd check w/a local (horse) feed or tack store if you have one in your county. Mine carries several types of premium foods, including Royal Canin, Chicken Soup and several others. Also, I believe Tractor Supply Corp. (the national chain) sells some premium foods in case you have one of those closer. These are just some additional options to consider if you haven't tried them yet. Have you made up your mind which food you want yet?
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I get mine from a natural pet store. You would be surprised the stores that do carry the brands out there. There is a bird store that carries natural dog food around here. The feed stores usually carry many of the brands out there like mentioned. Some small town vets will carry the brands also.

When you use the store locator, it is also important to call the store and make sure that they still carry the brand. I have drove and found out they no longer carried the brand I was looking for before. Wasted gas for me.
Canidae was my top choice so far, but I dont want to go buy in bulk something I'm not sure she will tolerate, lol. So I'll be checking out their website today and see what I can find. We have a few horse ranches but ya know I really dont know of any bigger feed stores. The last one I knew of went out of business. Thank you all again for the great information.
I get Isabelle's innova at a feed store. It's about 15 mins away. Most feed (horse) stores carry premium dog foods. There is also a a place out here that has free delivery in the metro area.
I order Flint River Ranch on line and shipping is free. Both Lena and Chester eat the Flint River Ranch Lamb/Millet/Rice Kibble Dog Food. It is a little hard for Chester to chew so we mix it with some water and let it soften up a bit before giving it to him. I've thought about switching to something I can buy locally, but they are both doing really and, last I checked, Flint River Ranch is less expensive then what I'd consider switching to.

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well, i checked the site and the closest linked store is about 45 minutes from me in another state lol, it was a feed store though, I hadn't heard of the town before, but I'm gonna mapquest it and see how far and where it really is and everything, I guess 45 minutes is better than 3 hours lol
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