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But mum I want to go for my walk now!

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Don't read the book you just got from the library take me for my waaaaaaalk!

(Please excuse Bill Bailey on the TV lol)

On a side note I got this TTouch book out that I have read before a long time ago but forgotten about. We tried out one of the walking methods in the book and had our least stressful walk in a long time! If anyone hasn't heard of it there is a video here explaining.

TTouch balance leash
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Cuuuute picture!
Doesn't that kind of face get you everytime? lol I get that when we are getting ready to leave the house and she is standing looking hoping she is getting to come too.
I watched the video she needs to use a active female doberman to lead....:)

I loved your dog and the book tooo cute!!
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