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Bumpy's last day of training is this Saturday

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So, this Saturday concludes the 10 weeks of the Bumpmeister's obedience I laugh because I don't think we will be graduating this time but that is ok. There will be a show ring and an AKC judge judging each dog and then a graduation ceremony. At least if he doesn't graduate he can take the class over for free as many times as we want to.

I am going to work hard all week on all that he learned, I just haven't been doing all the work that we need. One problem is his stand for examination. Apparently he is ticklish, and when I touch his side from a sit position he bucks like a bronco. It is hard not to laugh then because he is funny. He is good on down stays, but if another dog is too close, he will roll over and start to distract them to play with him. :) I guess I will just have to see what Saturday brings...the good part is that he does his figure 8's well, isn't bothered by other dogs in class other than wanting to play.

I will definately take some pics this Saturday and then post them. My grown up boy turns a year and a half on the 4th of July.
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