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I will be calling the vet in a few hours when they open, but I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on our situation.

Tater has had a small bump on his back, pretty much right between his shoulder blades for a few weeks. It was just a small spot that would could barely see and would only really notice it when you touched it. A little part of me thought that because of the location, maybe his chip was moving, but I figured I was just overreacting. It looked a lot like when he got bitten by ants before, but it was just the one spot on his back. We decided to watch it. It had stayed pretty much the same until yesterday. I had been out of town for a few days and this is a picture I took of him sleeping the day I left (Tues 2/7)

He was with my bf until Friday afternoon and then was boarded until yesterday. When we got home we noticed that it was a bit bigger. I looked more closely at it and it wasn't red..just looked like a little bit bigger lump and was hard to the touch. I really started wondering if it might be his chip and was going to call the vet about it today (too late yesterday and I definitely don't think it's an ER type problem). Then last night I noticed it had opened up and is oozing a bit and looks just plain angry. I cleaned it and put some Animax on it for the time being.

I took some pics with my phone this AM. Any thoughts on what it could be?

took some with the flash on too

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