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Bulk bully stick suppliers?

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Where do you guys get your bully sticks? Kratty?
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i buy mine in bulk directly from red barn, because im picky about where they come from. a box of 25 (or is it 50?) i think costs me 75 bucks.
I get them at the Red Barn booth at the dog shows.
I buy from petsuppliesplus when I pick up Strike's canidae food.
At this point i'm buying out the complete petmart of bully sticks weekly. I'm buying for the three dogs in the house, a hard-chewing golden, a boxer and Wonder. With Harley (the boxer) on crate rest, we've been tearing through them.
We also get the Red Barn brand. It seems the others don't last as long and causes a gaseus problem. I recently ordered a whole box of the 12 inch ones from and it seems like a great value. Its actually alot cheaper than what I see on the red barn site. A box of 35 ran me about $114 bucks including shipping. Its way better than paying $4 bucks a piece plus tax for the same ones locally by me.
I buy mine on Ebay from discountpetdirect. they are 3 foot long and Very nice size for thickness. Price is reasonable also. $26.99 plus 9.99 shipping for a package of 5.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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