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Buddy's adventure to Lowes

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For those interested in Buddy's scooter adventures this morning no rain so off we went on the scooter Patches too. We were going to go to the Fairgrounds so Patches could do a little walking too they have wide sidewalks.Well Buddy & his mouth put a stop to that idea across the street their were a couple of joggers pushing a baby stroller Buddy did his whining & barking bit.I think Buddy has a very high prey drive,. We went down the other sidewalk on our side of the street,back up passed Sears,Gordan's,Reasors & Target we go on the sidewalk right in front of the stores.Buddy still keeps getting his feet ran over so Lowe's was on the way home. We went in Lowe's went to the Service Desk asked if it was OK they said yes went and bought some PVC pipe I can stick the leash though will try that to try to keep Buddy over so he is not so close to the scooter. He was very good in the store a few people petted him.Patches nose was a little bent no one petted her but she was on the scooter.Talked to a dog friend about Buddy's whining and barking at every cat or dog he sees she suggested a spray bottle of water with a little vinegar in it.Tonight was low humidity so took just Buddy went around the block a few times sprayed his butt every time he opened his mouth.He decided it was not worth opening his big mouth time we got home went past a barking dog and a cat he never said a word.Had the halti on him he is now pulling with the halti on put a blister on my hand.Anyone recommend a no pull harness that actually works. Suppose to rain the next two days.
Patches Mom
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All in all I think you had a good adventure. Its progress and I would take it and congratulate yourself. :)
Sounds like you guys had a fun adventure. Sounds like you water bottle plan is working :) Not sure about harnesses that actually work, but I am sure someone here does.
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