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Question Buddy will be 12 months old April 28th 07 my son tried to measure him today he was trying to lean on me,I kept moving so he could not lean on me, but when he measured him a little over 29". Will he keep getting taller??? He was neutered at 6 months due to the fact I also have little spayed girls Gizmo & Patches,Buddy was starting to get very friendly.Do not have recent weight for him need to take him by the vets & weigh him he has already cut back eating not hot here yet.
Patches Mom
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I think the 'norm' would be he is done getting taller..........but that is a general statement, as every dog is unique. He and Orson are only a week apart (Orson 4-20-06) and Orson is 27.5 inches, I hope he is done getting taller too :) He hasn't grown any taller for about 2 months or so.
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