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Buddy & the TV

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Every since I have had Buddy I have had Animal Planet on the TV today he tried to give me heart failure. Their was a horse on Animal Planet Buddy was watching the TV he goes over does one of his foot jabs to the TV.Good thing the TV has a wall behind it or Buddy & I would be looking for a new place to live. The TV is my Hubbys favorite thing in the whole house, going to have to try and slide it back in place before DH gets home from work.Guess Buddy will be back on the leash when in the house.
Going to start the adventures of Buddy saga on how to give the Mom the Heart Faliure.
Patches Mom
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Oooooo, write us a story! Good thing DH wasn't home, sheesh Buddy!
Sadie has no interest in the TV, but I leave it on like she watches it anyway.... I would have a cow as well if she was to do something like that too... she had a habit of chewing power cords as a puppy o.0 talk about heart failure o.0
You are not having a good buddy week....((((Patches Mom))))

I think this is the storm before the rainbow! Your boy is about to change!

Carol & Petey!
He did hit the glass part of the TV with his foot its a wonder he did not break it and cut his foot up hope the rainbow shows up soon.If Buddy did that in front of my husband Buddy would be out the door in a heartbeat.Just glad the TV was not broken that would be hard to explain.
Patches Mom
Funny how Dobes when they are confronted with something strange tend to want to poke at with their paws,lucky you had the wall to stop the tv going flying.
Java ignores the tv unless she hears a dog barking or whining and then it's got her full attention. Sounds as though Buddy must have really given the screen a good hard whack with his paw - glad to hear he didn't get hurt.
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