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Buddy & the Garage

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We have a garage attached to our house leading out to the back door into the yard is a dog door so far have kept it locked.If Buddy is allowed loose excess to the garage he gets into everything tools,wood, anything not nailed down takes it to the yard to tear up.Neither my husband or I remember the Bouviers doing that when they were young they both could come & go in & out of the garage there is a dog house inside the garage also.
Buddy is 9 months old can anyone tell me if we will ever be able to let Buddy use the dog door to come in & out as he pleases. If I stand in the utility room watching out the door going into the garage Buddy knows I'm watching and will not get into stuff be the second my back is turned he goes in to destructive mode.? This spring & summer is going to be a nightmare because my husband spends allot of time in the garage so need to get a handle on this quick. Right now we have panels of wood in front of the work bench I have a ladder with a rug over it in front of the shelves that do not have doors on them have tried to block everything from Buddy getting into stuff. I have also sprayed stuff with Bitter Apple & the stuff dogs are not suppose to like does not stop Buddy. Thanks for any ideas.
Patches Mom
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Well at 9 mos he IMO is still a baby, better safe than sorry is my thinking. Having a boy in the past, even at 4yrs would take any and every opportunity to snag anything and everything. I had to watch him like a hawk and even then that was not enough!!! Is that the only door to the backyard? But then again he could grow out of that, but at what age I can't say.
Maybe you could keep a box of his toys in the garage to intice him into taking the right things, so when you see him doing something naughty, tell him NO, but show him his toy box??
But you will have to gather them out of the yard and fill the box all the time............if Orson's toy box is empty he looks for trouble.
Or you could give him a very special chew toy that he only gets when in the garage (an overstuffed Kong for instance)... or tether him to your husband when he's roaming around the garage...
I think it depends on the dog. If they are bored, no matter what age, they are going to get into things. He is still a pup, so he is still curious and wants to be into everything. I had more issues with Harmony than I did with my boys. She still gets to be a nosey little girl. You might find that he will still stick his nose into your husbands business if he is in the garage working regardless. They are wonderful little helpers. I always have three wet noses behind me helping me do whatever I am doing. Their favorite activity is cooking.
Yes, god forbid that something happens and they aren't in the middle of it. I couldn't unlace my winter boots this morning when I came in after shoveling snow without wet puppy kisses smearing my sunglasses!

Is there any way you could block off the workbench area? I know it's a hassle but it's not unlike having a 3-4 yr-old snooping around the garage unsupervised. Whatever you don't want them to get into, they will find the most interesting. Murphy's law of Dobes. It's not enough to puppy-proof the house, you will also have to puppy-proof the garage. (Might be a good way to get hubby to install those pegboards and shelving systems you've been begging for?? I find if something is in a plastic lidded container, Java will sniff it and leave it alone.)
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