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Buddy sent Mom to Dentist

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Well Buddy's jumping up on me sent me to the dentist (yuck) +$$$$$$ Buddy jump up hit me right under my nose with his nose.Boy he has a hard nose well a little later the filling in my front tooth fell out.Think Patches ate it could not find it at all, the dentist had to put a new filling in NO FUN at all.
We are going back to obedience class in April Buddy has had no signs of Pano for some time now,did not want to have to drop out again.
Know the breeder tells me Buddy will not get a brain till he is about two years old ? he just does not seem to think I'm serious when I tell him to do something he has sit down pat that is all he wants to do. I'm old school with the choke chain and hang them group. I have not done that with Buddy or my last Bouvier Jake. I hope that Buddy & I can get our act together soon.
Patches Mom
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LoL I cant seem to get it through my pups head that jumping is not wanted either. Ignoring and everything just doesn't seem to work. She's done everything from bloody my nose and bust my lip with head butts to punch me in the face and scratch my face all up. I hope for both our sakes (ie faces, body parts) that our babies can chill out lol. Although I dont see that happening with Sade anytime soon lol.
I second that chill out you must be deaming do not think they know that word.
Patches Mom
Mischa can be added to the jumpers list as well,but then again she is nuts anyway.
OOOOOO I hope everything is better! I know DUchess headbutts can be real hard and I guard my face good if she is excited and giving kisses.
Did Buddy know you were hurt and get the "I'm sorry" face? You can't stay mad at them when they do that. I hate the dentist so I feel your pain. Hope you are feeling better.
They may get their brains at about 2, but the silliness continues :). Isabelle still does zoomies and jumps around. She only jumps up at you when she in her crazy zone (running in circles in the great room - she tries to jump us and give kisses). Usually when she's happy to see you after a long day at work. Even if husband beats me home - she still gets all excited. She has been actually zooming again which makes me happy becuase I think she's finally feeling better. The only time she has actually injured me was when I fell over her at night - bruised ribs on me - her head hit me in the ribs. I got up to ask my husband a question. She was laying in the door way. The funny part is that I stepped over her on my way out of the bedroom. Black dobe in a dark room can be dangerous :)!
jdmomkb said:
Did Buddy know you were hurt and get the "I'm sorry" face? You can't stay mad at them when they do that. I hate the dentist so I feel your pain. Hope you are feeling better.

I don't think I'll ever forget the last time Lena bumped me in the face. She gave me the "I'm sorry" look and it seemed like a light bulb went off. It has probably been over six months ago and she hasn't bumped me in the face since.

Now, the dentist is another story. I'm in the process of replacing a crown and it seems I'm faced with either undergoing a crown extension procedure or getting a dental implant. I'm consulting a specialist next week. Yep, I'm well acquainted with dealing with the dentist. Yuck!
What a drag that is. I wish dobermans came with their own bank accounts! Do you have insurance that covers for dental expenses? I am lucky I pay $ 75.00 through my college and that covers dental and any prescriptions for one year.
On disability no dental insurance maybe I need to get a face guard like I think Hocky players wear? No Buddy had no idea he hurt me he is in la-la land most of the time.Was hoping to train him to help around the house but do not ever see that happening. Trying to find some books on training your own Service dog they are hard to find too.As I get older thought it would be a great help if Buddy could pick stuff up off the floor,get stuff out of the back of the dryer for me I have problems with that.I'm sure there could be other things he could do. At this point I would be happy if he would hand me the ball & not konk me in the head or face.
Patches Mom
My golden did the same thing years ago. She chipped my front tooth so I looked like a hillbilly for a while. It was fun
my sisters aussie chipped her front teeth, too. Jason got a wicked shiner from one of ours (can't remeber now, most lilely Molly/Satan) she has started jumping and it is making me nuts. she will be two in a few months so we are anxiously awaiting ANY signs of brain growth!

Is there really Brain growth in our future?
Took Buddy to the Dog Dish today so he got lots of pats from grown ups & kids he loved it when a kid brought him a doggy cupcake with somekind of green frosting. Then he was washing fingers of several people that had the green frosting on their fingers.
Then we went to Petco ran into the Lady that rescues Greyhounds she lives right down the street.She said she rescued a Lab off the highway high energy too so we are going to try a play date in the morning. I sure hope they will play together nicely would love it if Buddy got to play with another dog about his size maybe twice a week or even once a week would give little Patches a break.Hopefully wear him out a little if that is possible.
Patches Mom
Oh I am so sorry.. I think they have the hardest head.. OUch!! Iris has came up under me after I had shoulder surgery.. and hit me in the eye and gave me a black eye.. with the black and swollen eye.. A cold sore on my lip from Hell and arm in a sling.. I looked like I had gone to an ax fight and forgot to bring my ax.. Hope you get better real soon..
Ouch! Diesel headbutted me the other day, on my eyebrow, and the next day got me in the exact same place. Couldn't be cross with him though, as I lay on the floor he gave me great big kisses, he's such a goofy boy!
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