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Buddy question

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I'm suppose to get my scooter on the 29th or 30th is there any reason why a 13 month old Dobe can not be walked with it a couple of miles a day starting out. Of course plan on riding it around alone til I get the hang of driving it then try it in the back yard with Buddy a while before we take to the streets hope we can walk mostly on the side walk. Also since Buddy is black & tan plan on going early in the mornings since it is usually HOT here in Tulsa.
Also any ideas on how I can tell DH about the scooter I'm sure he is going to have a BIG Fit. Thanks ahead of time.
Patches Mom
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He doesn't know you've bought a scotter? Oh my - good luck with that one. I don't see why walking Buddy in the early morning would do any harm. I'd just be careful as it get hotter & more humid. Make sure the sidewalks are not too hot for his paws too. I hope it all works out & you & Buddy can enjoy walks together :)
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