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Buddy In Gallery Now

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I put Buddy in the Puppy Gallery the pic was taken 2/22/07 he was seen by his breeder last week she chops his toes for me she is a vet tech at a vets down the street from my house so we go see her and Buddy & Patches get their toes chopped. She said Buddy was overweight what do you all think??? I do not think he is over weight due to the fact it will be HOT soon here in Tulsa and he will cut down eating on his own.
Patches Mom
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From what I can see, he doesn't look overweight.
Yes I agree with Lexus although it's a little hard to tell in those pics. He sure is a cutie!
He is a good lookin' kid ;)

Agree with the Lexus & Okie, I wouldn't call him over weight from what I can see. Did the Vet expand on that at all?

He looks to be about the same as Orson (who just turned 10 months the 20th) and my vet says Orson is right on track for his age/height/weight.
I inserted the pic of Buddy for you and he looks fine to me!!
Buddy looks real sharp.

Good work on the ears.
Thanks for the input I did not think Dobes were suppose to be Greyhoundish if his ribs showed to me he would look like a Greyhound. With the kind of hot weather we have he will need a little bit of fat to make it though the summer. Dogs really slow down here in summer at 110* with the high humidty No one wants to eat man or beast.Of course all mine are AC Hogs me too for that matter.
Thanks for the input just had me wondering because to me he does not look fat only overweight when he tries to crawl in my lap.
Thank you very much Brumwolf for adding the pic.
Patches Mom
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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