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Buddies having fun!!!

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Here are a few pictures of Gaston & Roxy blasting around. One of these I call Roxy piranaha mouth can you pick it out????LOL I've not been able to get a shot like that of Gaston but I have lots of Roxy!!! Gaston has to haul a-- because Roxy loves to grab his tail so he tucks and runs.
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That last pic shows what a great pair they make,Mischa's breeder compared this beautiful breed of ours to the Arabian breed of horse such elegance when stood like that.
They are very pretty. They do make a nice pair. I love their matching collars also. :D Looks like the have lots of room to run and be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......
brumwolf said:
Mischa's breeder compared this beautiful breed of ours to the Arabian breed of horse such elegance when stood like that.
I agree...the way they so confidently and elegantly trot does make me think of an arabian
that is just awesome - I love the pic of the two of them together - hubby took a pic of some dobe butts that I'll have to post It's hilarious

Great pictures!!
Beautiful pair. BTW it looks like a 'gator' mouth to me LOL
I've got 3.5 acres for them to blast around on and access to 21 more with a pond beside me.
They look very nice together. I love the tuck and run. Asher does that and runs in circles. Thats the I want to play and no one will play with me run. Sometimes he will run like that when another dog is chasing him playing. It is so funny.
beautiful pictures! I love seeing Dobes run! Even if they arent videos you can tell how fast they are! :) The look to have sooo much fun together! I agree what a great pair of dobes!
Great pictures. It always nice to see them graceful creatures
What fantastic pictures!!! I love to see everyone's dogs, and it is a special joy to see them playing and together with another dobe too!! Lexus and her mom play like that, Lexus is all teeth! I just cringe when they wrestle and I can hear teeth knashing together!!

Gaston is adorable, tucking his butt under and running!!
Lexus the teeth knashing also gets to me. I wonder when they settle down if I look will there be missing teeth!!!
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