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Bruno in the Snow!

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For some reason my camera doesn't pick up his colour good. He looks all black sometimes, lol. But you guys can guess what he looks like ;)

Here he is today out on the front deck while my husband and boys were shoveling the driveway. We got dumped with 2ft over night. Talk about crazy Canadian weather!! ;)

And just to show a bit of the snow. This was on my car LOL

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I love the picture where he is looking up..looks like he is looking at the snow flakes..very cute.
Why can't I get snow like that? He looks great. I think it is a lighting thing. I am not a photography expert, but I think it has something to do with the light contrast. Bright snow, dark dog maybe? I notice my camera does the same thing in the snow with my dogs. Especially if it is a cloudy day. I hate my camera though.
I love the second picture also. I did not get as much snow as you Luv My Bruno. I know you guy's got a dumping because one of my professors did not make it in today. He lives in Orillia.
I like the first one. He looks like he shoved his face in the snow. I miss winter.
Black dogs are harder to take pictures of found that out with my Bouviers they are really hard to do have a dull coat not shinny like Doberman's. I think the shinny coats really help in picture taking.
Patches Mom
Bruno looks like he feels so good! He is so handsome...I like the one with his paws on the rails. It looks like there are candy canes beside him.
HAHA! wow! thats alot of snow! awesome! He looks like he is enjoying it...or enjoying the scenery from the looks of the pictures :)
Wow! You guys did get dumped on.

I like the one of Bruno looking up, watching it snow, with snow in the air.
We are expecting some snow,hope it's not that much or the U.K. will grind to a halt,we just can't seem to deal with it these days.The reason he looks so dark is because of the light background if you turn on your flash it will lighten him up a little.
He is a brave dobie man...............Orson will only stay out long enough to 'squat' unless he is bundled up.
And that is a bunch of snow.........we have about 6 inches on the ground, and we have more on the way today.
Yeah I'm 40 mins from Orillia, pretty sure they got the dumping as well. It's still coming down too.

Brum, I had the flash on? Even in my video's he seems to always be so dark lol. Maybe it's a setting on my camera?

Bruno LOVES the snow. I guess because last year when he was just a puppy we were out in it daily for his runs. Only time he hessitates to go in it is when he's sleepy and it's pee break time LOL then he might fight to go out. But if he knows he's going out to play, he's on it. He loves it. He'll run and jump in the snow too fliping it with his nose LOL I really should try to get a video of him in the back yard today ;)
Can you manually operate your camera or is it just automatic??
Think I can manually, it's my moms extra one. So I really don't know it well. But it's a Canon Power Shot A80.
Love the second one. Can't believe how much snow you got!!
We are expecting some snow,hope it's not that much or the U.K. will grind to a halt,
:dancing_b :dancing_b :dancing_b
I hope we get loads!!!
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